2017 “Startup in Shanghai” International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition Overseas Contest
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2017 “Startup in Shanghai” International

Innovation &Entrepreneurship CompetitionOverseas Contest


1.    Types and Conditions of Application

2017 “Startupin Shanghai” InternationalInnovation &Entrepreneurship Competitionoverseas contest covers electronic information, internet and mobile internet, bio-medicine, advanced manufacturing, new energy and energy-saving environmental protection, new materials, cultural and creative fields,etc.. And overseas sessionis divided into startupteam group and small  micro enterprise group.


1.1 Conditions for startup team group:

a.Teams have not registered yet in domestic before application, with achievement of innovation of science and technology and business plans.The core team members should be no less than 3 people, and are going to settled/have settled in incubators, and plan toregister an enterprisewithin 6 months in Shanghai.


b. In addition to the above requirements, teams who apply for overseas session group should have at least one member of the founding team is expatriate.


1.2 Conditions for small micro enterprise group:

a.Enterprises have registered in Shanghai, with independent legal qualification, of which annual operating income of no more than RMB 30 million, normal operating, no intellectual property dispute, nor bad record.


b. In addition to the above requirements, teams who apply for overseas session group should have at least one expatriate shareholder.


2. Competition Procedure

OverseasContest is hosted byPudongScience&Technology and Economic Commission,Jing’an Science &Technology Commission, and Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Management Commission. It has Techcode competition arena in Pudongdistrict, and XNode competition arenas in other 15 districts. According to administrative area, each candidate will be distributed in corresponding competition arena.


a. Registration. Go to Shanghai Science&Technology website (http://www.stcsm.gov.cn) or “Startup in Shanghai” International Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition website (http://cyds.shtic.com). Then download registration form. Send the form to a specific Email address cxfwc@stcsm.gov.cn after filling in the form.


b. Pitch. Candidates will do the pitch at arranged arena.  Pitch includes 2 parts, which are Introduction of startups (8 min) and Q&A (7 min). Startups and teams that pass the pitching section will be allowed to submit application.  Teams go to “Startup in Shanghai” International Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition website and click Team;startups go to Shanghai Finance Science&Technology Investment Information Management Platform (http://czkj.shic.gov.cn/czkjtr/).


c. Technical Evaluation. Experts will evaluate all pitch passing startups and teams.


d.Selection Results. Accordingto integrated score, excellent teams and enterprises will be shown at competition official website and official wechat.


3.    Support Policies and Competition Services

OverseasContestwill be connected directly with "Breeding Project”,"Small and Micro Businesses Growth Project" and other related policies within 2017 "Science and Technology Enterprise Innovation Ability Promotion Plan", as well as attracting more extensive investment and financing institutions and organizations to participate.


3.1 Support Policies

Winning teams in line with the requirements of "Breeding Project”will be awarded the maximum of no more than RMB 50,000 per team. The enterprises in line with "Small and Micro Businesses Growth Project" requirements, will get one-time fixed subsidy of RMB 100,000per enterprise, as well asno less than the city-level actual amount ofcomplemented funds by district governments,and getlinkingventure capital support no more than RMB 300,000 (less than 50% of the amount of investment), to encourage district governments to offercertain amount of linking venture capital complementedsupport.


Selected teams and enterprises will be screened out in accordance with the relevant requirements and procedures of the national innovation and entrepreneurship competition to participate in the national competition. Resultswill be post on official website to public.


3.2 Competition Service

i.                   Free Startup Class and Mentor to all candidates.

ii.                 Winning teams and enterprises will get working space/office preferential policies and salon, lectures, resource docking and other innovative services offered by Techcode, XNode and other incubators in Pudong District.


4. Application Notes

4.1 Registration time

April 20th to May 11th.


4.2 Notes

 The same team or enterprise can only declare a project and one session.


5.    Consultation and Complaints

Service hotline: 8008205114 (Landline)

4008205114 (mobile)


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